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9 Secret Reasons Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sewage

Bathroom is the basic unit of any house. A clean and fresh smell is compulsory for a bathroom, but sometimes the bathroom experiences sewage smells that disturb the whole house. Bathroom smells not only cause discomfort, but also have hygienic concerns.

If you experience such an issue, here are some tips and tricks to solve it by yourself.

Dry P-trap

P-trap for bathroom to avoid smell

One of the most common reasons for sewage smell is a dry P-trap. A P-trap is a U-shaped pipe that holds some water at the bottom and prevents the exchange of gases. For any reason, if this water dries out, these gases get back and cause sewage or bathroom smells.

The solution is very simple: just run water into the sink and flush frequently to avoid it from drying out.

Clogged or blocked or poor installed Vent Pipes


is used to allow gases to escape outside. When these pipes are blocked or poorly installed, the gases are forced back into the bathroom, causing an unpleasant smell.

To avoid such a condition, inspect these pipes and clear them with the help of a plumber if required.

Damage or broken sewer lines

Sewer lines can be damaged or broken, causing sewage to leak and emit odors as bathroom smells. Grease buildup in pipes, debris, any heavy item placed on it, or tree roots are the most common reasons for damaged or broken sewer lines.

This may require a professional plumber to locate and repair the damage.

Biofilm Accumulation

Over time, organic matter builds up inside the pipes, leading to bacterial growth, which causes a foul bathroom smell. This bacterial growth can have many concerns about the health and hygiene of house members. So regular cleanliness is mandatory.

To eliminate this problem, clean drains regularly using baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.

Malfunctioning Wax Ring

A wax ring is used at the joint of the toilet and drain pipe to seal it. If this ring is damaged or not properly installed, the gases leak out and cause bathroom smells.

To stop this leakage, replace the wax ring. For this purpose, removing or reseating the toilet may be required.

Plumbing Leaks

If the washroom plumbing is not good, there can be leakage from any joint. Over time, the pipe or joint may corrode and ultimately cause damage and bathroom smells.

Call a professional plumber to check the sewerage line and repair it if required.

Improper ventilation

Bathroom ventilation for gasses exchange

A bathroom must be properly ventilated. Inadequate ventilation causes a blockage of moisture, which leads to many bacterial growths. A properly ventilated bathroom not only gives a fresh vibe, but is essential for hygienic reasons.

Proper ventilation is required. Use an upgraded ventilation fan for this purpose.

Full septic tank

In this type of sewerage system, where the drain system is attached to a tank, it may become full over time. In such cases, if a septic tank is full, it may flush back into the bathroom. The toilet may be clogged, and due to the pressure of the septic tank, the gases are forced back into the bathroom. Sometimes, bubble sounds can be heard from the toilet or drains.

The solution is simple: drain it and check regularly to ensure it does not become overfilled.

Sewer backups cause bathroom smell

Sewer backups mostly occur after heavy rain. In the rainy season, due to heavy rainwater, the city sewerage system is overloaded and causes the water to flow back into individual sewerage pipes. In such cases, the gases are trapped in pipes and flow back into the bathroom.

The only solution for this condition is to use a blowback valve in your drain system.


How do I get rid of sewer smell in the bathroom?

Firstly, find the cause of it. Inspect the P-trap, vent pipe, and wax ring of the flush properly. If any part or pipe is damaged or leaking, repair or reinstall it. If the septic tank is full, manage to drain it.
After that, clean the bathroom with some detergent and high-pressure hot water so that bacteria accumulated in the pipes can be eliminated. The bathroom will be clear of sewer smell. After that, inspect it regularly with a proper schedule.

Will sewer smell go away on its own?

It depends on the situation. If this sewer smell is due to an overloaded system because of heavy rain, then there are chances that it will go away when the city’s drain system starts working properly after the rain. But if it is due to damage or improper installation of pipes or leakage, you will have to fix it.

Does bleach stop sewer smell?

Yes, bleach is highly effective in killing bacteria. This can be used to stop sewer smell, but if this smell is due to damage or leakage of any pipe, you have to fix it properly.

Is sewage smell in bathroom dangerous

High levels of the smell are dangerous due to hydrogen sulfide in it. Low-level smells can cause irritation, nose or mouth infections. Overall, sewer smell is not good for health with long-term exposure to it.

What neutralizes the smell of sewage?

The use of baking soda, vinegar, lemon, or any detergent can neutralize the sewerage smell. But you need to find the actual reason for it and fix the problem causing it.

What is the best chemical for sewage smell?

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used for the cleanliness of bathrooms. It is used in different detergents for this purpose. Chlorine dioxide and ozone are also used for sewage smell.

Author: Muhammad Asif

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