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11 Incredible Tips Of Round Kitchen Table Decorating Ideas

For a small kitchen, a round kitchen table is the best option as it gives a versatile look and better space management. If you have a round kitchen table and want to know how to decorate it, here are a few best tips for round kitchen table decorating ideas.

How to style round dining table

The dining table is a prominent item in a modern house. It decides the beauty and look of the kitchen. A simple dinning table with proper style and arrangement can give an awesome look. Here are a few tips on how to style a dining table.

Choose the Right Size Table


The size of table matters, specially for small places. Round dinning table is perfect choice for small kitchen. It gives more open flow. Measure the size of the kitchen or place where the table is to place, and then select an appropriate size round table for it.

Choose pedestal base round kitchen table


f you have the option to select a kitchen or dining table, try to choose a round kitchen table with a pedestal base. It not only gives a fancy look but also saves space and is easier to maintain compared to a three or four-legged table.

Place round kitchen table at the center

The best setting for a round table is to place it at the center of the kitchen or dining room. It provides easy access and equal distance to each corner of the room, and less distance to move. A centered dining table gives a prominent look and boosts kitchen decoration.

Place a hanging light over the table

Hanging light over the kitchen table is essential for dining. When the table is at the center of the kitchen and a hanging light is over it, it becomes multifunctional and better decorates the overall kitchen. Use stylish designs of sconces for hanging lights. It gives a charming look.

Round kitchen table centerpiece ideas


A centerpiece for a round table increases its charm. Its size should be in proper ratio with the size of the table; too big or too small a centerpiece can disturb its look.

A centerpiece can be any element according to kitchen style and trend. For example, for a small apartment kitchen, a vase of flowers can be placed, or for a farmhouse kitchen, any wooden box can be used.

Chair setting and sitting arrangement

The seating arrangement should be easier and comfortable. Place all chairs in proper sequence. If the kitchen is small, choose chairs that can be adjusted with the round table when not in use to save space.

Place a rug on the table

A rug on the table gives a beautiful look to it. It also makes the table easier to clean and adds beauty. Different designs and styles are available. Select it according to your choice and taste.

Add natural beauty with plants

Plants gives the natural beauty and fresh look to dinning table. Add an ornamental plant as centerpiece in a decorated pot. You can use a set of flower here with good look and fresh fragrance.

Plants give natural beauty and a fresh look to the dining table. Add an ornamental plant as a centerpiece in a decorated pot. You can use a set of flowers with a good look and fresh fragrance.

Use tableware and linens


Tableware and linens can change the look of the table. If your kitchen table color and design are not compatible with the other parts of the kitchen, you can select tableware and linens accordingly and match them with the rest of the items without replacing the table.

Functional Accessories

Place stylish and decorative useful items on the table to make it more attractive, such as stylish salt and pepper grinders or a well-designed napkin holder.

Mirror Placement

If space allows, place a mirror on the wall near the dining table. As light reflects, it enhances the beauty of the dining table and gives a wider look to the kitchen.

How to style a small round table?

Remove all unnecessary items and group similar items together. Use tableware and a centerpiece such as a flower arrangement or fruit basket.

How to dress a circle dining table?

Place some flower or fruit basket as counter-piece.Ensure there is proper lighting setup over it.

Is a round table a good idea?

Yes, a round table is a good idea as it is not only trending but also provides a spacious look.

Is a round table better for a small kitchen?

For a small kitchen, a round table is the best option as it gives a wider look to the kitchen.

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